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4 € for children aged from 5 up to 12 - 6 € for people aged + 12 Registrations reaquired by calling 061/27 04 82 or Further information on
On 31 Oct from 17h30 to 22h On October 31st in the evening, show-walk in the entity of Libramont (the place is to be decided). Let yourself be surprized by the magic of tales during a walk by night. Come and discover incredible story tellers and jugglers in the heart of the forest. Put on good walking shoes and don't forget your torch.At the end of the trip, you will have the possibility to take profit of a bar and of food at the village hall.

Free. Accessible to PRM.
On 03 Nov on Sat Each year, on the Saint-Hubert Day, on November 3rd, a grand mass is rung in the Saint-Hubert Basilica. A great number of Companions of Saint-Hubert of all nationalities, accompanied with their families and their friends take part to it. After the Mass, the Dean will receive a great number of pet owners on the Basilica church square, for blessing their dogs, cats or horses. The streets of Saint-Hubert are full of shops with local and crafts products. There will be a lot of hunting horn ringing and dog barkings.
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