LieuFourneau Saint-Michel

Starts: 5:00 PM-8:00 PM, every 20 min. Price: 38 €/ad. - 15 €/child. The price is to be payed on the 'Les amis des musées provinciaux luxembourgeois' association's bank account: BE34 0682 18 61 5290 with "05/05/17 + the name of the person who books" for mention.
On 05 May from 17h to 20h Do taste a great number of dishes made from local products during a course that is long 8 kilometers. A nice way to discover the estate and the neighbouring forest.Menu for adults (see the children's menu on the website): Aperitive and zakuskis: crunchy ham and cheese roll, "Agnès Sorel" velouté (with chicken) + l'Auberge du Prévost's home-made aperitive (Eau de Villée + cranberry juice + green lemon + mint). First dish: Sûre ham dome with dried fruits, parsley coulis and a big crust of Ardennes bread browned with butter from the Ferme Rob farm + 1 glass of whine, beer or soft. Sorbet: Raspberry sorbet with "myrtille d'Amélie" beer. Dish: Rabbit leg with diced bacon, onions and mushrooms ans fried potatoes + 1 glass of whine, beer or soft. Cheeses: Toast with caramelized apples with bio honey and Ozo goat cheese + 1 glass of whine, beer or soft. Dessert: Rhubarb tiramisu + 1 glass of whine, beer, soft or coffee.
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