Auberge de jeunesse

Auberge de Jeunesse de Champlon

rue de la Gendarmerie, 3
6971 Champlon
+32(0)84 45 52 94
+32(0)84 45 70 45

Coordonnées GPS:
Lat: 5.47574
Long: 50.106598


Are you tempted by a journey in the Belgian Ardennes? The Auberge de Jeunesse (youth hostel) of Champlon id the ideal place for whoever want to get far away from the urban life. It is a travel destination that is very appropriate to hikes or bicycle rides and also to cross-country skiing in winter. Thenks to its relax atmosphere, it offers a prime housing for families and groups who want a breath of fresh air. For the animal lovers, the Auberge de Jeunesse of Champlon is located near some beavers' sites and near listening points for the stag bell. The youth hostel has also the "Bienvenue Vélo" label Climbing, speleology, archery, MTB, orienteering race - hike WE, music, nature, stag bell, mushrooms, folk dances. There is a river 7 km away from there, a swimming pool 12 km away; bike rental by booking.


Non-accompanied children are admitted from 16 years old and up. A rental in autonomy is possible during some periods in the year (on conditions).

Capacité hebdomadaire: 85
Nombre de chambres: 13
Nombre de douches: 13
Nombre de WC: 15
Prix du logement: 1200.00>3000.00 Location de l'auberge dans sa totalité
Prix du déjeuner: 17.00>46.00

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