Bird-watching hides and observation platforms in the St-Hubert forest

avenue Nestor Martin, 10
6870 Saint-Hubert
+32(0)61 61 21 20


Climb up high to observe better! In the huge, unspoiled, fascinating St Hubert forest, silence is golden. Pick up your binoculars and discover birds and wild game as you have never seen them before, plus amazingly beautiful countryside: (a) From Nassogne: viewing platforms and hides at Priesse and Bilaude (b) Near St-Hubert arodrome: viewing platforms at La Borne (follow walk n°7 on IGN map "Au Pays de St-Hubert"), La Barrière Mathieu-Mochamps and Les Amonys (follow walk n°7 on IGN map "Entre rivières et forêts").

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