Obeservation post of the path of the Russians - View area in the wood of Bilaude

rue de Lahaut, 3
6970 Mochamps
+32(0)84 22 15 58


Platform with free view over 15 to 20Ha, among which the pond of Bilaude and 3 small places where game is fed.From there, you have an unrestricted view on the surrounding nature. Maybe, you will have the occasion to see roe deers or some other game animals running quietly in the plain

The area can welcome 15 tot 30 persons and is easily accessible even by disabled persons. The are is open the whole year through. Situation: leaving Nassogne, follow the direction of Champlon , then Mochamps, leaving the hamlet of Mochamps, continue over 2,1 km and take a macadamised path on the right ( interdiction for cars): the view area is about 100 m on the left. ( Source: Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Marche et Nassogne)

Geographic situation