L'Enclos, exceptional garden

Voie de Messes, 16
6800 Sberchamps
+32(0)61 22 40 97


This garden was conceived by Michael de Villegas, a landscape gardener and Brigitte de Villenfagne. This 30-are-wide landscaped garden is set up around an ancient Ardennes house. The roses (over 600!) are put into honour everywhere among the hardy plants, the and the flowered bushes. The garden is flowered all long the year. Varied terraces and a swimming pool are surrounded by flowers where blue, yellow and pink dominate, as in a flower composition, all this in a very peaceful atmosphere. The garden is registered in the list « Jardins Ouverts de Belgique », that gathers over 200 private gardens, selected among the nicest in Belgium

Geographic situation