Le petit et le grand patrimoine bâti

The Converserie

6971 Champlon


As the popular legend claims, the Converserie would be the place where Saint Hubert converted after he saw a cruciferous stag. However, it seems that this name is linked to the presence of the Convers brothers who lived in the building. In 1153, the Earl Henri de la Roche, owner of the large forest of Freyr, donated an estate and an old chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine (currently Saint-Hubert Chapel), to the Saint-Hubert monks. In exchange, the religious members of the abbey were required to open and run a hospice nearby, aimed at welcoming pilgrims, travellers and paupers crossing these huge wooded areas of the Ardenne.

It is noted that the Converserie owns its name to the brothers Convers who lived in this building, not to the conversion of Saint-Hubert as the popular legend claims.

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