La Route des Forêts (The Forests Road)

6.2 €
Accessible by bicycle, motorcycle or car, it is detailed in a road atlas showing the map of the track stage by stage: 119 miles (191 km) in total, split in 6 stages of 12.5 to 19 miles (20 to 30 km), including crossroads, directions to follow, not-to-be-missed sites, mileage information and a map of the track. A new kind of road atlas made for trekkers, it is practical and easy to use.

This track will lead you to discover the regions of Saint-Hubert, of Awenne, the village with 7 fountains, then leading you to Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Champlon, Ste-Ode and Libramont.
It is a track created by the Maison de la Randonnée (The Trekking Office) in cooperation with various Tourist Information Centres.