Le 13

rue des Alliés, 17
6800 Libramont
+32(0)495 52 77 24
+32(0)61 27 81 32

Coordonnées GPS:
Lat: 5.384202003479
Long: 49.917827153345

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The Chef regularly goes to the market to select the fresh products that he will later use, then he elaborates his menu. As he says: "It's motivating to constantly work on different dishes. To vary incites creativity. It's stimulating to renew oneself..." There is also a clear wish to favour seasonal products, those of the Ardennes' land but also those of the sea.

In the restaurant « Le 13 » all is done in family! Christian is in the kitchen and his wife Fatima serves in the dining room seconded by their son Jerome. The change of menu takes place approximately every month...Three to four times per annum, he also offers themed menus. Lobster and foie gras are part of the inescapable. Run by: Fatima and Christian Cambrai and their son Jerome.

Foie gras, lobster, scallops, game during hunting season.

Fermé samedi midi, dimanche soir et lundi.
Nombre total de couverts du restaurant (hors terrasse): 35
Nombre de couverts en terrasse: 20

Nombre total de couverts de chaque salle (hors terrasse):
Salle 1: 35
Salle 2: 10
Salle 3:
Salle 4:

Budget et moyens de paiement

Moyens de paiement:

Proposition de menu (groupes)
Lunch (starter – main course) for 18 €

Type d'établissement
- Restaurant
Type de cuisine
- Cuisine ardennaise-de terroir
- Cuisine belge
- Cuisine française
- Cuisine sans gluten
- Cuisine gastronomique
- Poisson
- Cuisine végétarienne
- Cuisine du Terroir
- Gibier en saison
Spécial groupe
Peut assurer un service groupe jusque 50 personne(s).

Spécial famille
- Menu special pour enfants

Geographic situation