Auberge du Grandgousier

rue du Staplisse, 6
6870 Mirwart
+32(0)84 36 62 93

Coordonnées GPS:
Lat: 5.264967083931
Long: 50.05651194904
Nom du chef: Philippe VAN ACKER

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Charming family inn built of rubble stone and half-timbered, has become its reputation as time went by and is now known as a gastronomic stopover. Under the wooden beams of a rustic room, the owners, Katrien and Philippe Van Acker, invite you to a seasonal meal and offer a nice choice of menus with amongst others, game specialities, trout fresh from the fish-tank, as well as the lobsters... In this warm-hearted ambiance, the guests will soon feel at home.

After having worked in a number of well known establishments but also on board cruise ships on the Saône in France, Philippe accompanied by Katrien, both originating from Ghent, settled in the Ardennes in 1990, taking over the « Auberge du Grandgousier ». Fitted barn, heavy oak beams, creaking wood staircase, rustic decoration and flowers all over, all give the place an authentic charm. The nine rooms will allow a stay long enough to discover the attractions of the Land of Saint-Hubert and of the Ardennes more largely. The Auberge is in Mirwart, small village well hidden between Rochefort and Saint-Hubert, and that perches its few houses and 18th century château on the heights of the Lomme valley. Run by : Katrien and Philippe Van Acker- Crepain.

Foie gras, shellfish, game in the season, fish.

Open on Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun from 12h to 14h and from 19h to 20h30 Closed on Tue and Wed
Nombre total de couverts du restaurant (hors terrasse): 40
Nombre de couverts en terrasse: 14

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Type d'établissement
- Restaurant
Type de cuisine
- Cuisine belge
- Cuisine française
- Cuisine gastronomique
- Poisson
- Gibier en saison
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